Lifestyle: Hair change! Fall new trend?

Breezy soul Jhene Aiko is making big changes, especially with her album Souled Out coming out next month on the 9th… her newest look is blonde faux dreds.

Early before jhene got hip to the popular boxed braids, but the faux dreads I’ve seen Ciara rock after she had her son future.

Maybe the twist, box braid, and faux dreds are the new factor aka trend for fall hairstyle. My take on this do on Jhene…it fits her style, she’s a free spirited person and the hippie life is so her. It might take some to get used to, but it’ll work. I guess her and Chris Brown are going for the blonde couple album thing. Since his album X is due in next month on the 16th. Great minds think alike. Two blondes and a album. But either way…faux Dreads and twists are a trend for fall. Because its very easy, and upkeep isn’t that much. So if you wish to spice up your fall look…go twist and dred up.

ahh she looks amazing